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High Impact Sports and Elite Athletics Introduce TackleSMART Football™ – High Impact Sports

High Impact Sports and Elite Athletics Introduce TackleSMART Football™

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High Impact Sports and Elite Athletics Introduce TackleSMART Football™

March 27, 2019 – High Impact Sports, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Finance and Development, Inc. announced today a joint venture with Elite Athletics, Inc. to introduce and further develop a new youth football program called TackleSmart Football™.

The purpose of the partnership is to combine resources to optimize the effectiveness of TackleSmart Football™ that trains players in grades 5th through 8th the skills and techniques in order to establish a foundation for on-the- field performance and injury prevention. Historically youth football players have either played full contact tackle football from the beginning or migrated from “touch” or “flag” football programs with insufficient training and experience in utilizing safe and sound fundamentals.

Chris Rogers, the president and founder of Elite Athletics, Inc., has been developing the program for youth football players over the past 10+ years after playing college, then professional football for the Minnesota Vikings as a defensive back. Chris now works full time as a youth school teacher at Kipps Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota while also coaching and training youth athletes.

MasterFlow Training System Integration:

The MasterFlow Training System™ is a combination of four disciplines including; leadership, LEAN Six Sigma process, sports programming and human development. All players will be measured for multiple skills by position as a baseline at the beginning and again at the end of the 8 sessions to assess their improvement. A research study and a subsequent White Paper will be prepared at the end of the program in order to quantify the overall outcomes. The program development and research team includes many former college and professional athletes and a medical doctor.

High Impact Sports will be incorporating its proprietary training system called the MasterFlow Training System™ along with a prototype tackle device it calls TacklePad. Players will be trained to properly lead with the shoulder, wrap and remove the TacklePad to record a tackle while eliminating leading with the head and tackling to the ground that can result in injury.

Our Initial Program:

The 8 week program sessions will be held Saturday mornings for 2 hours each and split between instructional training and scrimmages. All coaches will be trained and program certified in advance. The program is limited to 200 players.

For more information contact:

Gabe Vespasiano – Marketing & Communications Manager


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