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December Newsletter – High Impact Sports

December Newsletter

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 This past month our team has developed a goal oriented approach to player development that uses our MasterFlow Training System to promote holistic player development. In the coming month, we will begin holding workshops on goal setting with our players and their families, and look forward to helping our players achieve their visions.

The Defining Principles of The MasterFlow Training System™

By High Impact Sports Co-Founder Bill Kieger

High Impact Sports was founded with the purpose of developing youth to achieve their full life potential through sports.

A crucial milestone was achieved this week with our development team completing the initial 27 hour classroom training for our MasterFlow Training System™.

The MasterFlow Training System™ has been utilized up to this point to maximize the benefits of our Fastpitch practices through practice plans and situational leadership and coaching.

“My daughter learned more in one night of practice with High Impact, than she has learned in the last several years with her previous community team.
-Raebel and Engler families

“The program at High Impact Fastpitch has been great for our daughter. The individualized coaching, work out program, and specialized position training have been very beneficial. We are excited about winter training and Chloe being ready for the spring season!”  

– Chad & Casey Johnson 

Human Development through Personal Goal Achievement

We will now be introducing our Personal Goal Achievement Module that will coincide with the skills evaluation score card for each player in our organization.

Initially players and family members will be participating in a 90 minute goal achievement workshop in order to establish goals and develop their plan to achieve their goals. Experts believe focusing on 2-4 goals at one time can increase the likeliness of success up to 80%!

The coaches, trainers and staff at High Impact Sports are then committed to helping all players succeed in achieving their goals!

Our program is designed for player goals to include:

  1.  Academic
  2.  Athletic
  3.  Business and Community
  4.  Personal

A unique opportunity for players and families is utilizing our non-profit affiliate, Sports Angels, to offset the fees associated with participating in their sport. Each player will be able to set a Sports Angels goal and complete their business and marketing plan in order to generate funds through pre scheduled events and Sports Angels product distribution. After only a few months since the launch of Sports Angels, many players have been able to raise funds to offset their fees.

Tina Syer for Positive Coaching Alliance: Maintaining a Growth Mindset as a Parent and a Coach

Understanding and identifying fixed versus growth mindsets can help players maintain the long term efforts that will ultimately yield their vision. The growth mindset believes that the qualities that will help you advance towards your goals can be built on through effort and persistence, while the fixed mindset views thing such as talent as predetermined and set in stone. Maintaining a growth mindset is key to personal development on and off the field and plays a crucial roll in High Impact’s human development initiatives.

Positive Coaching Alliance’s Chief Impact Officer Tina Syer explains how parents and coaches can help their players develop this mindset in this short video. According to Syer, “The way to establish and maintain the growth mindset is through reward and acknowledgement of effort, whether applied athletically or academically”.


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