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MasterFlow Training System™ – High Impact Sports

MasterFlow Training System™

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The MasterFlow Training System™

Player development requires consistent tracking of progress. We developed the MasterFlow Training System to provide players and parents with structured, consistent reporting of their growth. Our system is based on principles from the Ohio State Situational Leadership Methods and LEAN Six Sigma Process Improvement. As players move through the MasterFlow Training System, they progress in a structured, holistic method. Our system can be adapted to range of sports and athletic performance training measures, and will structure our development programs as High Impact Sports continues to grow.

We have developed the above report as an example of how we provide progress updates in our system. Our team recently completed a comprehensive training guide that breaks down the core fastpitch disciplines into smaller processes we refer to as “micro-tasks”. Players are evaluated on their skill level for each micro-task, and areas of strength or improvement can be identified and developed.

We currently use this method to structure our program for High Impact Fastpitch and will also begin holding developmental clinics and training for players outside of the club this winter. Our coaching staff is trained on how to utilize the model in order to fully develop our players. As we add more coaches and players, we will be able to seamlessly bring them into our system across multiple teams and age levels.

1. Lean – Six Sigma
The financial and time investments families make into their player’s development can be substantial. In order to maximize their investment, we utilize LEAN and Six Sigma principles. Our coach’s practice plans and player development monitoring provides the most efficient use of time and development efforts.
2. Situational Leadership
Our coaches are trained to apply the right leadership and training techniques to best build our players skill levels and confidence. We do not use volunteer coaches, and instead utilize experienced staff trained to provide high level coaching. Our head coaches have all gone through High Impact Sports’ 27 hour curriculum in LEAN, Situational Leadership, goal achievement and our collegiate level training system.
3. Athletic Skills Training
Athletic development is the backbone of our program. We utilize a skills based approach to athletic development that allows players’ progress to be monitored across a range of
4. Human Development
We use youth athletics as a platform to help young adults develop qualities that will carry into the rest of their life. By helping our players define goals in the below areas, we can guide their development in athletics and life skills.

Goal Oriented Human Development Through our MasterFlow Training System™


High Impact Sports’ mission is for every participant in High Impact Sports to develop a foundation to achieve their full potential in life. Determining an overall vision and a set of goals is crucial for planning the actions and habits to achieve them. Experts believe focusing on 2-4 goals at one time can maximize the likeliness of your success. We believe the most important areas for youth athletes to focus on are academics, athletics, personal, and financial.

1. Athletic Goals

2. Academic Goals

3. Financial Goals

4. Personal Goals

High Impact Fastpitch will be participating in our first goal achievement workshop in the coming months. In this workshop, players will be instructed on the fundamentals of goal setting, attitude, character and vision. Participants will have the opportunity to plan their developmental goals in the four key areas above.